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Legacy Planning Group, Inc. is your best source for value-driven, turnkey professional services related to Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Asset Protection Planning, Retirement Planning, and Financial Services. Established in 1977, we have over 40 years of knowledge and experience that give us a unique and distinct advantage in providing these professional services to our clients.

The Legacy Team of Professionals

Behind every Legacy Planning Group representative stands a team of highly skilled professionals. Because many of our services require a variety of specialized skills, in serving our clients, we rely on the various disciplines and expertise of all of our independent professionals:

  • Board Certified Tax attorneys,
  • Estate Planning and Probate attorneys,
  • Board Certified Elder Care attorneys
  • Certified Financial Planners, and
  • Certified Public Accountants

(to mention just a few) share knowledge and resolve problems together. You benefit from all our combined skills and years of experience. We are proud of the reputation that Legacy Planning Group has earned in Texas and across the Country. Our ability to consistently respond to our clients’ needs is the result of our continuing demand for professional excellence. Among the most comprehensive and competent professionals in the State, we are known for expertise and creativity, and our ability to offer sound, practical solutions, involving issues related to estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, and elder care planning concerns. 

Additionally, EACH of our attorneys in our team of professionals holds Board Certification in Tax Law, Estate Planning and Probate Law AND each attorney also is either a Certified Public Account (CPA) or a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) which separates them as the top professionals in the State. We are known for expertise and creativity, and for our ability to offer sound, practical solutions. At the heart of our energetic team are experience, expertise, and efficiency.

Troy W. McMahon
Legacy Planning Group, Inc.
President & CEO, Founder

CFEd®  Certified Financial Educator

In 1977, Mr. McMahon earned his BBA degree in Accounting from the University of Houston. In 1993, he completed an additional two-year academic curriculum in Personal Financial Planning from the University of Houston Center for Executive Development.

"After graduating from college, I decided to bring on-board a team of the brightest minds I could find in the various areas and disciplines of our professional focus."

This philosophy has birthed one of the premier and most reputable firms of its type in Texas.


Mr. McMahon serves on numerous Boards of Directors for various global charities, and he is a nationally sought-after conference speaker.

"There are two distinct classes of taxpayers… those who are informed, and those who are uninformed. The uninformed will pay the greater tax."

 Other personnel include our Independent National Executive Consultants and Marketing Associates:

National Sales Director: Randall A. Laine, Jr.

National Director of Recruiting: George M. Clinton

National Marketing Director: Troy McMahon, Jr.

National Marketing Director: Bobby McMahon

National Marketing Director: Lindsey Chaisson

....and 100’s of independent Marketing Associates


Wealth Accumulation

Wealth Preservation 

Wealth Distribution

Thank you for your interest in Legacy Planning Group, Inc.SM (Legacy), a unique and elite Estate Planning firm.

At Legacy, we specialize in development of advanced Estate Plans (known as the LegacyPlanTM, a "family financial fortress", which incorporates exceptional Estate Planning and Retirement Planning concepts, including tax-saving strategies and investment alternatives for high net worth individuals who are in, or near, the retirement phase of their lives.

Legacy provides exceptional "Financial Education" to our clients in areas concerning income tax planning issues, estate planning issues, retirement planning issues, asset protection issues, nursing-home planning issues, and much, much more.

Since our beginning in 1977, Legacy Planning Group has become one of the fastest-growing, independently owned, firms of its type in Texas and the Nation. We attribute our growth to our emphasis on:

  • Personal Service - Putting our clients’ needs first.
  • Innovation - Meeting the challenges of the always changing financial and economic environment.
  • Superior People - We endeavor to retain individuals with the finest expertise who are skilled in technical areas involving estate planning issues, tax planning issues, asset protection issues, and financial strategies that are particularly helpful to those who are in their retirement years.

Our respected representatives are recognized for responsiveness, integrity and dedication to our clients and profession. Among our clients, we have achieved a solid reputation for excellence, and we are known for our unwavering commitment to personal service.

Our services provide you with more…

Assets are analyzed and recommendations are made to safeguard holdings, evaluate performance, and increase efficiency of those assets.

As we share knowledge and resolve problems together, you benefit from our combined skills and years of experience.

Legacy Planning Group reflects a broad base of clientele and a full range of services, specializing in helping those who are over age 59 ½ deal with highly important issues related to the areas of Estate and Retirement Planning.

Business Structure Planning!

Consultations available to help business owners maximize asset protection and minimize taxes.

If you would like a complimentary personal and confidential, comprehensive Estate Planning analysis, give us a call. We will review the specific circumstances that are unique to you and your family; then we can offer recommendations that will accomplish greater protection of your assets, greater safety of your retirement dollars by utilizing our LegacyPlanTM (an advanced Estate Plan that becomes your "family financial fortress" created as a result of solid values, Innovative thinking, and creative solutions

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